Opening soon This temporary website presents the restoration of the Bourse de Commerce and its transformation into a museum.
A new website will be online shortly to learn more about the program of the Pinault Collection museums. 

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"With the creation of this new museum, I am writing the next chapter of my cultural project, whose goal is to share my passion for contemporary art with as broad an audience as possible."

François Pinault

"By nesting new spaces within it, while respecting the memories of the city engraved in its walls, I will transform the building’s entire interior into a space for contemporary art. The theme here, once again, is to create a building that connects the past with the present and the future."

Tadao Ando

"The Bourse de Commerce will be this unexpected and surprising museum of contemporary art, showing art as it is made and thus reflecting the current state of our world."

Jean-Jacques Aillagon

Le projet